Food and Beverage

POS Displays

Keep your guests comfortable, safe and informed!

Take a smooth and thought-through service one step further.

Allergen list: keep your guests safe.

Ingredients: make your business transparent.

Nutrition value: take care of your most fit customers.

Superfast adjustable content: for flexible daily schedule.


Easy and illustrative way

to indicate allergens

Whether you are a mass caterer, sell prepacked or non-prepacked food, it’s in your best interest to clearly indicate food allergens and upgrade your service. Your guests’ choice to avoid allergens may be based on an actual health risk or may be just an individual preference, still every responsible caterer seeks the most effective way to encourage the consumer’s decision while at the shelf/stand/vitrine.
Speed up the service, save resources and guarantee safe dining experience by displaying food allergens via point of sale (POS) displays for food and beverage.

Be transparent.

List ingredients and show nutritional value.

Clients tend to become more and more competent foodwise. They need to be aware, to be fully informed about what they eat. Meet them halfway by presenting complete information about your produce. Full list of ingredients allows your guests to make the most appropriate decision and makes your business a transparent, honest and reliable choice.
In addition, you can provide nutrition facts. Promote healthy eating and help the client make a quick, informed decision about what they choose.


Flexible and easily

adjustable content throughout all working hours

Busy business asks for quick info updates throughout your working day. Some products may go out of stock, get replaced with other items or same placement may have different products for breakfast/lunch/dinner offer. Vivid Tech allows you to manually or automatically change the displayed content and adjust it when needed. Have a smooth and customer friendly working day.




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